Collection: Lawn Fertilizers Exposed! Yard chemicals harm trees and lakes.

Lawn chemicals designed to kill and control weeds disrupt the daily activities of these plants. These activities include hormone production, sap flow, microbe s in soil, and even mineral uptake that is essential for these weeds to grow. This is why weeds die back after each application. 

The problem with this is that weeds aren’t the only plants that are affected by these chemicals. Trees and lake weeds are also affected. Trees are plants, and they use the same process to grow that weeds do. So if you kill weeds, you can also harm your trees. 

Runoff of yard chemicals into lakes is just as bad, as this dilutes and spreads into the whole lake quickly. Weeds, fish, and valuable microscopic life are affected. We see an explosion of plant life in lakes as the chemicals spill into the water from yards that are treated with chemical fertilizers and weed control. 

All plants(except commercial grass) are soil cleaners, even lake plants, so putting down chemicals only makes weeds grow more. It’s vicious cycle that the lawn chemical companies bank on to keep them coming back every summer. 

Give your trees and lake a break, stop dumping poisons on your lawn. 

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