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All Natural Tree Treatments
  • Lake safe
  • Pet safe
  • Family safe
  • Helps drought stress
  • Helps insect stress
  • Helps tree disease stress
  • Helps construction damage
  • Great for newly planted trees
  • Keeps trees healthy

Welcome to Deblen, Minnesota's original tree doctor. Serving you since 1967.

We specialize in treating all types of trees in Minnesota for all ailments.

This year we expect many problems as a result of a dry and warm winter. Please read our article below on this subject.

Remember: We save sick trees!

We are an all-natural company and believe no poisons should ever be applied to anyone’s yard in order to achieve a beautiful landscape. One yard at a time, Deblen is changing Minnesota back to the healthy place it should be.

Enjoy our website & contact us to make your yard the healthy place you want it to be.


Call or Text Deblen to arrange your tree assessment and treatment plan.

*Some areas may incur additional travel charges. Deblen does not apply anything that kills, including insecticides, fungicides, or weed killers. We address disease and insects through a holistic approach, which is safe for you and the earth. No diagnosis/assessment implies a guarantee of success with tree or soil treatments. Every situation is different.