Collection: Deblen Client Testimonies

David-March 2002

Consulting with a tree doctor about our sick cypress tree-update

1.  Our Cypress trees were still ailing (losing needles on one side) a year after the unresolved internet way
Decided to try again.  A tree doctor named Len Nelson from a company called Deblen in Minnesota vowed to help.  He asked me to send photographs, needles, and sandwich bags filled with dirt from the tree’s base.

2.  After analyzing the materials, Deblen diagnosed our trees’ ailment.  He planned a family vacation in our
area and was able to make a house call on our cypress trees and he applied his tree food.

3.  Three months later there are signs that the trees are healing.

Comments:  Apparently most Italian Cypress experts are in Italy so we were very fortunate to find Deblen.

1.  While awaiting the tree doctor’s help, I looked to the net’s myriad sites about trees.  There were sites
devoted to elms and chestnuts, but I couldn’t find a site about cypresses.

2.  Sites about trees were too general for our problem.

3.  Tried numerous gardening sites had valuable information, but nothing to help our cypress trees.

Comments:  There sometimes is no substitute for a professional.

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