Instructions for Greenscape Buddy

Instructions for GreenScape Buddy yard feeder:

1.  How to determine the correct amount of Tree & Shrub food to run through Greenscape Buddy when deep root feeding:
At chest height, measure circumference of tree trunk. After measuring your tree(s) Take the total inches and cut in half for gallons of food solution. Example: 14 inches=7 gallons of mixed tree food. Or let's say you have a large yard, with many trees equaling 300 inches total. That would mean 150 gallons or 2 full syphon tanks of mixed tree food. Now that you know how to determine the gallons needed, the next step is to fill your syphon tank with the correct amount of food/water mix.
2. Plant food Mixing directions for GreenScape buddy : 

Add 1 1/2 pounds Tree & Shrub plant food to 1 full syphon tank of water on your GreenScape Buddy, as one tankful of clean water.

3. Instructions for feeding tree(s) through roots:

After you have attached a hose(up to 150') from your water source to the "in" side of Greenscape Buddy, and a hose from the "out" side(we recommend 50')attached to the "root feeder" you are ready to turn on your water source and start feeding your tree. Make sure rooter feeder valve is turned off. 

So again, If your tree is 14" around, and needs 7 gallons of food, plan out out 7 spots around the drip line of tree, under the outer leaves or needles. This is where the tree's feeder roots are. With "root feeder" valve lever turned off, Insert "root feeder" into ground at an angle, push  until the spike will not go any deeper under your body weight. There is no need to use your foot to go even deeper, as this may damage root feeding tool. 

Turn water valve to "on" to put tree food/water solution into soil. (NOTE: Hard ground may require you to wait to press feeder into soil until after turning water valve to on to soften hardened soil first or simply soak the ground in different spots around drip line)
Open valve for 13 seconds at each insertion point, this time equals 1 gallon of tree food mixture with most residential water systems.  Sprayback from hole may come up around entry point, this is ok as it will soak back in. Repeat this procedure with all of your trees in your yard.
If you haven't used up all the solution you can feed the remainder into the tree's roots, spray your tree's leaves with included spray wand, or any other hungry plants around you. It will not hurt anything as its all natural. 

*Tip* We recommend monthly feeding for your trees. The first feeding as soon as frost is out and the final feeding in late fall for colder climates. 

*Tip* “organic fence” Fuchsia and/or Indigo pest control liquids can be added to syphon tank along with the "buddy power" food, for added power to help trees fight fungus and insects. We call this the "Eartheart combo". These are available under our "Fungus and Pest control" section