No lawn chemicals mean less weeds.

Deblen currently naturally treats lawns for our many tree care customers around the state of MN.

Starting in summer 2023 we will begin offering the service to everyone.

Weeds are actually just plants trying to balance the soil in your lawn. Weed killers only make your weeds work harder, its a racket that the chemical companies know will keep you buying their poisons. 

If Deblen starts naturally feeding your grass, the weeds will eventually grow less over time as your lawn becomes thicker and greener. 

We do not spray any poisons, chemicals, or weed killers. These chemicals hurt people, pets, lakes, and trees. 

Your family and pets can walk on our treatment immediately after application. No need to "wait until dry" like you have to do with our competitors. We are proud of that.

Lake friendly, kid friendly, and pet friendly, and hey even parents and grandparents can join in the fun. Everyone's invited!


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