Collection: Will Minnesota Experience Drought this Year?

What a crazy winter! No snow, warm temps, and the frost is leaving the ground in some places in Minnesota in mid winter!

What will this mean for our trees in the land of 10,000 lakes? We are hoping for the best, but we anticipate some health issues for trees this summer.

  1. Winter kill: when the trees wake up too early, they run a risk of moving sap up into the trunks and that sap flash freezes on extremely cold days. With 50’s in January, there is still a chance for temp drops into the single digits which can cause this flash freezing. The cracks that occur in the sap tissue create fissures in the bark as the trees start to grow in the summer, creating scars around the fissures. This can shut down sap flow out to branches, creating die back. 

  2. Drought: Trees need a lot of moisture to get going in the spring because they use a ton of energy to bud out and build new summer foliage. No snow equals no snow melt. Bad news for trees. We will start out with drought conditions more than likely. Drought causes stress, stressed trees attract insects and disease. They need help to counteract droughts. 

  3. Exposed roots: No snow cover means the soil above the roots has no protection from the cold, over the cold winter months, uninsulated roots can become frost damaged and deteriorate when things thaw out in spring. Root death equals branch death. The tree has to recover from this and try to replace roots which takes lots of energy.


 Any one of these is tough, all together it’s deadly, this year they are all happening at once.

Deblen can give your trees the necessary nutrients to build new roots, heal and regrow missing branches, and help trees recover from drought stress. *

Call us for more info.

*Remember water is essential during drought, so please hose water your trees at the base of trunk whenever possible. 

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