Collection: Can yard chemicals cause drought conditions?

Are yard chemicals causing a drought in your soil even when there is no drought happening above ground?  They absolutely can under certain circumstances. 

Even though your grass may be lush and green, yard chemicals kill the living components in your soil UNDER the lawn, this is what they are designed to do. Other than grass plants, they disrupt everything else that is alive and moving in the earth, the plants, and even the process inside of plants and trees. This kills weeds, bugs, and the fungus that may be undesirable to the homeowner. Since these weeds, bugs, and fungus naturally are what keeps soil aerated and absorbent, when yard chemicals shut this process down, it automatically creates a dry hard layer under your lawn. When this occurs, most rainwater, snowmelt, or irrigation water runs over the hard ground into the lakes, streams, and ditches instead of downward into your soil to water trees and the microbiome. This dries out the ground, and in turn causes a drought. We know droughts weaken trees and plants, and forever change the water table. Weak trees and plants invite insects that attack them and can make them very sick and die.

Another factor no one is told about is that the temperature in the soil goes up with urea application. If you look at your yard chemical's list of ingredients, you will almost always find urea. This is a synthetic version of cow urine to spike nitrogen, causing grass to be green quickly. Think it through, if you raise the temp in your yard by allowing urea to be applied, AND, the yard chemicals are killing the living soil, you are literally turning your soil into a desert wasteland under the grass. 

The solution? Stop poisoning the soil with yard chemicals, and then restore the soil in your yard with the Deblen program. We constantly regenerate your yard’s soil by feeding the lawn and trees with minerals, nutrients, and mycorrhizal fungi that invite life back into the dirt under your lawn. We literally put nature's materials and workers back into your soil and reverse the damage from yard chemicals. When this happens the dirt begins to soften, starts absorbing water and rebuilding and your grass and trees begin to improve year after year. The trees, plants, and microbiome get to live like they need to and no longer are drought stressed.  


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