Organic has become a dirty word for some.

 Organic has become a dirty word for some, knowing the truth behind “organic” labels on fertilizer bags. It’s expensive and depending on what you use in your garden, you might still be ingesting harmful chemicals after eating your homegrown produce. 

All natural-“BEYOND ORGANIC”- plant food from Eartheart Naturals is truly clean. Only plant based nitrogen, real usable minerals, mycorrhizal fungi, and the best 100% usable ingredients available are good enough for our easy to use plant food.

What ISN’T in our plant food?

There are: NO inert Ingredients. NO heavy metals. NO blood, feather, or bone meals. NO ammonia. NO urea. These are just some of the harmful ingredients found in many organic labeled plant foods in your local store or online. DON’T fall for it. 


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