Fertilizer prices are soaring! Time for a change??

Fertilizer prices are soaring! Time for a change??

Worldwide changes to the agriculture and chemical industry are disrupting fertilizer supply chains. War and political strife are eliminating sources of minerals, chemical, and byproducts that normally are essential to agriculture suppliers & farmers alike. As a result prices to buy what has been readily available in years past are now skyrocketing with no end in sight.

This will change what we eat, where we buy food, and how much we pay at the grocery store for veggies, bread, and oils!

What can you do? If you are a farmer, maybe it is time to diversify your crops, looking into new methods of growing, or keep paying more to grow less. If you are the consumer, you can pay more at the grocery store for less food, find a small farmer and buy direct, wait for a farm stand to open up in your area, or.....GROW YOUR OWN! It's healthy, fun, and will save you money.

Take control of your food source and health by buying fertilizer that is not only affordable, but is far superior to any of the chemical laden fertilizers being dumped on commercial farmers fields. Organic, clean, natural, sustainable, and without any poisons is key to top notch produce. And if you find this, in any form, you have found your solution to start growing your own food.  

Eartheart Naturals Veggies N More garden fertilizer is an all-in-one food source for garden plants of all kinds. Plant whatever you want, next to whatever you want. It is a smorgasbord of nutrition that compliments all pH needs and plant types. Root veggies, stalk veggies, crawlers, fruit, berries, and herbs. Just as good a compost without the waiting and mess, it is ready to go. All natural, 18-16-9 NPK, with sea kelp, minerals, myccoryzha, and other soil boosting components. Eartheart grown veggies test higher in nutrition and have no pesticides, herbicides, or heavy metals.

Need to beef up your new garden plot's soil? Eartheart Naturals offers organic worm castings(worm poo) and Soil Assist soil conditioners that will slap your soil into shape in no time. 

Even commercial farmers can make the change to better fertilizer and save money, stop using poisons, and make the switch to Eartheart Naturals too. We can fulfill large orders as well. We offer soil analysis, soil remediating products, and will get your fields producing good clean food. Order while supplies last.

Eatheart Naturals amazing products are found at www.goodnaturedmarket.com and they are ready to ship our garden goodies to you. Check them out NOW!


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